The Valentich Disappearance - experimental typography posters

Series of experimental typographic narrative posters based on the mysterious disappearance of 20 year old Victorian pilot Frederick Valentich over Bass Straight in 1978 known as The Valentich Disappearance

Some of the key themes I drew from the event are mystery, confusion, panic, break-down in communications, the unknown and unseen. These themes were then expressed typographically and implemented into the narrative posters.

I analysed the transcript between Valentich and Air Traffic Control to extract feelings and meanings from parts of the story. Certain phrases such as "No known aircraft in the vicinity" and "It seems to be playing some sort of game" were very strong, and each phrase was analysed, and the typography treated differently. The first poster is very plain, easy to read, clean, and even somewhat boring - reflecting the early stage of the flight. The second poster begins to include some distorted typography - things aren't how they should be, they are confusing, and somewhat chaotic. The third poster reflects the last stage of the flight, where there is a strong breakdown in communication, panic, fear and mystery, climaxing with Valentich's last words "Its hovering and its not an aircraft". 

The typography itself was made by printing out phrases onto paper, and using several experimental techniques to reflect the meaning of each phrase - as seen below, photographing, then compiling in Photoshop to form the posters.