Sunset Festival

Comprehensive design and branding for a fictional end of summer music, arts and lifestyle festival called Sunset Festival. 

At first, my designs were very static, corporate, and impersonal, which is the polar opposite of the festival's personality. Through extensive research and experimentation, I developed a hand-generated logo, created a colour scheme that expressed natural and warm tones, and used silhouettes that acted as consistent, eye-catching visuals - as well as representing sunset. These main elements became the overall unifying identity, and they successfully convey the personality and themes of Sunset Festival.

Promotional material includes posters, flyers, CD album, festival map, timetables, website mockup, interactive 3d animation mockup and t-shirt designs.

Mock-up of interactive 3D animation that allows the user to browse through a virtual environment sampling some of the festival music. Built using Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects.

Communication plan and style guide