Sprout Labs website

Sproutlabs.com.au is a multi-page website for the eLearning company Sprout Labs - based in Hobart, Tasmania. The site is mainly used as a marketing tool, showcasing the company's work and introducing potential clients to the way Sprout Labs works. Since the development of this successful new website, traffic to the site has increased substantially, resulting in further business growth and improved reputation.

The creation of this website was a multi-stage, iterative process starting with the creation of mood boards, wireframes and mapping. I was the sole designer on this project, working in a small team alongside a developer and a few content wizards. I was responsible for all visual elements including the creation of mood boards, wireframes and mock ups early on, and the implementation of CSS, icons, and all other graphics. The colour palette was designed to complement the Sprout Labs logo, and has since been integrated into the Sprout Labs brand.

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