Title sequence: How to survive a zombie apocalypse

Opening title sequence for a fictional tv show called How to survive a zombie apocalypse.
Created in Adobe After Effects.

Music: The Doors - The End

Sound: Garageband, Final Cut Pro,,,, flys buzzing 

Footage: Footage from Hobart Zombie marches 2009, 2010

Microscopic virus -

Loading shotgun footage -
Water catchment footage -



Flying Casual 3D animation

3D animation using Cinema 4D. Pays homage to Star Wars' Shuttle Tydirium by animating a bulldog paper clip. As a child I would play with these types of clips, pretending they were the Shuttle Tydirium. 

Music - Return of the Jedi
Sound effects -



ElNet opening title

Opening titles used for ElNet (Elearning Network of Australasia) videos. Made by converting pre existing logo into 3D layers in After Effects and animating. Sound created by myself with a Zoom Recorder, a piece of rope, and Garageband.



The Valentich Disappearance 3D kinetic typography

3D kinetic typography portraying the last moments of the Frederick Valentich disappearance. Built using Cinema 4D.

Audio from:

Read more:



Sunset Festival Lineup Explorer

3D animation mock-up of interactive music selector. In theory, the application would allow the user to navigate through a virtual environment, sampling some of the upcoming festival's music. Built using Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects during my final year at University studying Visual Communication.



Shaping Tasmania animated mock-up of app

Animated mock-up of smart phone app. Includes user interface where the user can select which objects they wish to add to their journey, pages about those objects, gps navigational compass and map systems to find the objects, and augmented reality feature allowing the user to look through their phone's camera to see labels and other information to do with each object.



CMM's Arcade Adventure

A uni project from my e-media unit on Homage. Pays homage to the form, content and context of the old-school classic video games that it features. It is not intended to be a video of a video game, rather a video of a guy in a world of video games, hence no health bars, points etc. I had a lot of fun adding my own personality into the making of this.