Chris Morgan

Hi there, I'm Chris.

I've recently returned to Hobart, Tasmania from almost two years travelling across North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, and I'm excited to continue my career with fresh legs and valuable life experience. Prior to my travels, I had been working full time as a Visual Communication Designer at an eLearning company in Hobart called Sprout Labs for two years. Prior to Sprout Labs, I graduated from the University of Tasmania's College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Visual Communication in 2012 and was listed on the Dean's Roll of Excellence. I've also enjoyed taking on freelance work on the side since starting my degree, and continue to today.

I'm passionate about design and visual communication is my super-power. There are few things in life that compare with the satisfaction of designing something beautiful that works.

I've developed a diverse skill set over the years, ranging from print design, motion graphics/ animation, and web design. I also have extensive experience with visual communication for eLearning.

If you are interested in contacting me I'd love to hear from you.